About The Horticulturist

Hayley Howells is a blogger who founded her first blog in 2000, and has never stopped writing about what’s happening in her life since!

Her first blog was an embarrassing shade of pink, talking about what was going on in school and would get redesigned (in Notepad, all written by hand – at least things have moved on since then!) pretty much every fortnight. Since then, she graduated from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth in Business Finance, moved from Chester to Bristol and then to just outside Seattle, WA in 2017. Her personal blog, ceriselle.org has covered most of that time and is a much nicer shade of pink than that first blog.

In 2012, she thought that her knowledge and experience in UK blogging should be shared, so wrote a Kindle eBook about how to start a blog and keep it running. After the book was published, she realised that there was a need for this information to keep being updated, and since that’s not so easy to do with an eBook, Bonjour, Blogger! was born!

She organised meetups for bloggers in the UK under the name #blogclub and after moving to Seattle, she started meetups there under the name The Salon.

When she’s not at her laptop, you can find Hayley walking her dogs, working out at the gym or reading. If you’d like to know more or if you have any questions at all, feel free to get in contact!