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A personalised blog critique that looks at your website and discusses where you can move forward and develop.

What’s the definition of a critique?

A detailed analysis and assessment of something

If you’ve been blogging for a while, or have a blog but haven’t done anything on there in a while because you’re not sure where to go and what to focus on, this is for you.

Having an independent person go through your blog and provide you with specific personalised advice is so useful because they’ll pick up on the things you don’t see and they’ll be able to explain what you could do next to make improvements.

I’ll look at your blog as any of your visitors do, and will be as critical as you like – no holding back! I’ll notice the things you don’t and can highlight any changes or additions that you could make.

I’ve been involved in the fashion and lifestyle blogosphere since 2000, and I’ve helped many bloggers develop, improve and grow their blogs and social media through my website Bonjour, Blogger! Now I’m offering the ability for more personalised advice to help your blog blossom.

Let’s grow your blog together!


What does it involve?

Once you’ve purchased a critique, I’ll get in contact with you within 48 hours to let you know that I’ve got your request. I’ll send over a questionnaire for you to complete – this will give me an idea of what sort of thing you’re looking for, as well as confirming your website, etc.

When you return the questionnaire, you’ll recieve your blog critique within 72 hours.

What areas will you look at

Everything! Here’s a breakdown…

  • First impressions
  • Back End
  • Design and Branding
  • Content
  • Monetisation
  • Promotion
  • Social

You’ll receive a detailed document going over all these points and more, and we can go over this on a Skype (or other chat platform) call if you want to discuss any points.

What makes you qualified?

I’ve been blogging for 20+ years, 7 of those running a blogger advice site. I’ve done a few critiques in the past for friends who have been looking for guidance and I truly enjoy doing them (and it will give me some new amazing blogs to read!)

Any other questions? Feel free to get in contact and ask

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Hayley’s review of my blog was comprehensive, easy to understand and super helpful. She is really knowledgeable and gave me practical tips I could get started with straight away. She makes things easy to understand, especially for tech-phobes like me, with lots of information and further research if you want to dig a bit deeper! Hayley sorted out an Instagram issue that had been a problem for me for months and was always at the end of an email or Zoom call if I was stuck with something in particular. I would highly recommend her services.

1 year ago

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