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Perhaps you’re already on Instagram and want to develop your own space online – social media is a great way to attract an audience but you’re relying on someone elses platform. Having your own site gives you so much more freedom, but I know that it can be so confusing to know where to start. Let’s work together to get your website up and running, so all you have to do is log in, and share your life!

Who is this for?

This package is for anyone who wants to get started with a blog, but doesn’t have the time or wants help in getting it set up. (That doesn’t mean you have to be a new blogger! You might have had a blog for a while but neglected it, so you want to start from scratch)

Why should I start a blog?

The problem with building a large audience on social media like Instagram or TikTok is that if those platforms are shut down, you would lose your audience. Creating a website means that you’ll have a central location for your followers to find you. It also means you can promote more items – e.g. linking outfits with affiliate links, sponsored content, etc.

What sort of thing is involved?

First, we’ll chat about what sort of thing you’re looking to do, how technological you are, and how much you’re happy to spend. We’ll talk about what you’re unsure about, and what sort of thing you’d like to learn how to do. (We can do this via video chat or via email – whatever works best for you)
Once we’ve got a plan of action, I’ll get started on setting up your site, and if there is anything you’d like to learn about (perhaps you’d like to know how to tweak the site yourself for future use?), we’ll go through that together. One of the things I encourage is that you know how to do the basic maintenance yourself.
Finally, once it’s all set up, I’ll show you how to create your own blog posts, so you’re good to go!

What do I need?

Once we’ve chatted about what sort of thing you want to do, I’ll ask you to sign up to the platform we choose as most useful for you, and to purchase your domain. You may also want to purchase a theme, but that’s something we’ll cover in our original discussions.

I have more questions!

Then you should get in touch! Let’s have a chat and figure out what would be most useful for you!

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