How To Make Your Own Link Page


Are you currently using sites like LinkTree and to create a page you can link to from Instagram to share all of your links? Stop relying on third party services -it’s time to make your own! Reasons to create your own link page…

You can keep your branding

Many of the third party link page platforms don’t allow you to use your logo and branding without a subscription.

End relying on third party sites

What happens when someone elses site goes down? You can’t fix it, all you can do is wait! Instagram has been known to block the use of LinkTree links – avoid this problem happening again!

Your site is more trustworthy

Some people don’t want to click on a link – but they’re more likely to click on your domain!

Get people onto your site

Hosting your link page on your own site means people are already on your site when they click any of your links, which is good for your stats and bounce rate – both of which are attractive to brands wanting to work with you

Forget paying for other people to do this for you – learn how to do it yourself for free! This course covers how to create a page on Blogger and self hosted WordPress. Some of the details provided could be used on other platforms but we don’t specifically cover them in this.

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